Seattle, WA (March 26 to 29, 2009)

It was the long and well awaited spring break. Possibly my last one before I start my "real" life. My mom and I flew out from LAX at 3pm, arrived in SEA at 730pm. Plane rides are getting expensive. (What a predictable thing to say...)

The first night wasn't very exciting, seeing as how I went with my mom and decided to stay at my cousin's house. Downtown Seattle, however, made up for all the boring that my mother was trying to be. Heh.

I drove down with the intention of seeing Black Mountain at Neumos, but decided against it as I sat in a little tavern just across the street, Comet Tavern. Found my way to the place thinking, this is just like downtown LA, except it feels a lot less scary! Picture time!

Pike Street at Downtown Seattle, where a lot if not most of all the fun happens! Haha. 

Mico de Noche.

Who's Playing? For how much? ;)

Comet Tavern Ceiling..

Fast Paced Action Packed

Pike's Public Market.

This is my second visit to Seattle. The next two days were tourist time for my mom. We went to the Space Needle. Beautiful Structure, nothing too crazy. Sunday morning was a drive north off the I5 to Snoqualmie Falls. I love waterfalls, so I was happy. 

Fly back was alright. Flight was delayed, but not too bad, unlike the delay from Kauai. That is a story for another day.


What's Coming... Broken External :(

After Toronto, I went to San Francisco with my brother and my cousin. Then I went on a roadtrip with a dear friend.

I was about to write about my next trip when I discovered my broken external hard drive. Lucky I have geek friends who can retrieve my data for me. This leads to a decision: I will stop writing my recalls in order. I shall write as I stumble upon pictures. Enjoy!