I Love You Man, Los Angeles, CA

Hands down "I Love You Man" is probably the funiest movie I've ever seen. Not only will it have you laughing every single second, it also is very nostalgic for me because of the very real Los Angeles scenery it presents. It gives you a very good preview of what I call uptown Los Angeles, Hollywood and the magnificent Venice Beach. 

My first few years in the United States was spent going to school in LA. Orange County has not been bad, but by far not one city in that I have been to is better. My top cities are Seattle and Tucson, still nothing beat LA!

I'm writing this for those who are wondering what raw and real Los Angeles looks like. Just off the top of my head, a few other good movies to check out are Training Day and Crank

I hope these movies would make you wanna visit. But one at a time please, tourist can be annoying ;)

local_visitor <---- annoying!