I have so many stories. So little time and pictures. And information.

I just finished Fall Quarter yesterday, stress level is going down, but still very tired. Looking forward to Beliz next week. I will have details on my post trip entry. Hopefully I get a lot of updating done over the holidays.

I hope everyone's winter isn't too cold.


Yosemite National Park (April & July 2011)

July 2011 (drove from Los Angeles to Yosemite, then to Merced and back to Los Angeles)
April 2011 (drove from Los Angeles to Yosemite, then Santa Cruz and back to Los Angeles)

Our Mode of Transportation: Car Rental/My Corolla.
Other Options:
-by Plane to Fresno or San Francisco and then rent a car.
-by amtrak or greyhound to Fresno or San Francisco and then rent a car.
Recommended: If you like in CA, a roadtrip would be nice. Else, flying to Fresno may be best.

Recommended Season: Spring

Day Hike - $25 per week per vehicle.
Annual Unlimited Entrance for National Parks - $80
There simply are no words. I'm not very good at this; it should be obvious by now. So I will leave you kids with recommendations.
  • Plan a short day hike to Vernal Falls. Prepare to be awed and to get wet. When you reach the top, take a sweet nap by the river. You will forget technology existed. Except maybe your camera.
  • If you still have some energy left in you, adding Nevada Falls to your trek is not such a bad idea.
  • Plan a day or two to hike the Half Dome. I didn't make it up on either trips. But, I shall be back. NOTE: Hiking to the Half Dome requires a permit. Plan accordingly.
Like I said, I have no words. But I do have photographs. (TB..added)

Be advised that camping and cottages easily fill up. Planning ahead is absolutely essential.


Off Topic.. and Taking Shots

With about zero knowledge in photography; I found myself in a beginner's class with a film camera in the beginning of February this year.

Pending the acquisition of a digital SLR, I will be starting a photo blog.

...In other news...

I will be writing again asap. I am currently in a very busy state of student-hood..


Zion National Park (May 2010 & Sept 2008)

May 2010 (drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, then Las Vegas to Zion. Same route on the way back)

September 2008 (day stop in the return leg from a road trip from Los Angeles to the MidWest)

Our Mode of Transportation: My Corolla.
Other Options:
-by Plane to Cadar City or St. George and then rent a car.
-by amtrak or greyhound to St. George and then rent a car.
Recommended: Take a car and include Zion in your road trip.

Recommended Season: Summer

Day Hike - $25 per week per vehicle.
Annual Unlimited Entrance for National Parks - $80

I have mixed feelings about this park. It really depends on what your mood is like, what you're looking for. For instance, if you've heard of its compelling beauty and you want to see it, by all means go for it. If you are looking for some time alone with nature, I'm afraid to say but it seems the rest of the world has discovered her and a day of solitude may no longer be an option.

From experience, I am going to say that she is perfect for day hikes and experienced rock climbers. I had just discovered (from research) that camping is an option, and more camp grounds are being constructed as we speak.

During both visits, my friends and I drove to the Zion Canyon Visitor Center and took a tram to the Zion Lodge. If you can, bring snacks. The prices of food in the lodge aren't too bad but food in the lodge restaurant is not good for its price. The tram goes around to certain drop off points to different trail heads. During the ride, some history and information about the park is shared by the driver through a PA system. The tone is very pale and generic, but if you pay attention, you will learn many interesting things.

The Riverside Walk and the Emerald Pools are two of the best ones to see. However, they are a little too popular. Probably the only reason I would return here is if I get married and decide to do a tour of all the National Parks in the United States for the honeymoon. :) If you've never been, it's a good place to visit at least once.