The Curse

Julio, possibly the best travel buddy. Always happy and almost never annoyed at me. (I can be quite annoying) My friends always marvel at how amazing we are together, especially in making even Kansas a hell of a lot of fun! However, there is a downside to this awe-inspiring duo... Our trips are cursed with traffic violations..

Roadtrip #1: Weed, CA
About 2 hours past the state line from Oregon, just past the beautiful Shasta National Park, just after an amazing night camping in Warm Springs, OR, in the 97 South, a 10 wheeler takes over the fast lane with its very slow speed, driver (Julio) passes the truck with a decent speed for silver, gets pulled over for speeding. In WEED CALIFORNIA. Offender drove away with a speeding ticket.

Roadtrip #2: TX&UT
From the ClayPlace (i really don't know why we did that) in the city streets of El Paso Texas, just after having an amazing meal in the Rib Hut, driver (Julio) gets pulled over for going straight on a turn only lane. Offender got away with a warning.
About a week later, a few blocks from the majestic Grand Canyon and about 24 hours to seeing the gorgeous Zion National Park, in the 89 North in Kanab, UT, driver (josel) tail gates another 10 wheeler and gets pulled over for speeding. Offender moped away with a speeding ticket.

Roadtrip #3: Philadelphia, PA
Had pizza and beer in Pretty Philly. Drove back to the hotel, parked in the street because I am cheap. QUICK TIP: Hotels in Philly do not have parking lots, but there are parking structures across from them that require an in and out or per 24hr parked payment of $10+. It's 830 am. I get up ready to move the car to a more secure location, because its street cleaning from 9am to 11am. I walk out, its raining, street is clean, car is gone. Somehow, none of us saw the red ass sign that says we'll tow your ass if you're parked here during rush hour. Yeay for parking violation and towing fees! Offender took a cab to take the car from the towing lot. Oh, what fun!

Roadtrip 4: Somewhere between Kingman, AZ and Seligman, AZ
We were just driving. On the way to see the meteor crater just south of Flagstaff, AZ. Julio was sleeping. Driver was driving while listening to Adam Carolla. Driver has sore throat. On the 40 east. Spit phlegm out the window, we're good, I can do this. One more time. Spit phlegm out the window, hmmm, i wonder if it stays out or goes back into the car and how it reacts to the wind and the car's speed and its density and whatnot and the next thing I know we are body bumping with the bushes in the median. We come out alive. Offender is scared. Silver had to stay for 2 weeks to get a face lift.

Will I go to another road trip with my buddy? Yes, definitely! I am not superstitious, even if I call it the curse, every single violation is worth all the fun of traveling and of having Julio as my companion.