Tour Guides <--- bit of a rant...

I highly suggest not getting a tour guide, especially in when visiting cities. Exceptions would include a trip to the amazon and the like, or to a country that speaks a language which you or any of your companions do not speak. However conversational pocket size books on languages are always available in bookstores.

And how do I suggest you get around? There are many blogs like mine that talk about where to go and what to do. In addition to this, many of the cities and states have tourist information on their websites. Yes, the internet is such a wonderful thing! And in the event that you find spots that were not in your resources while you are there, well, you have just made your adventure super!

So what's wrong with tour guides? Nothing really. Except when they are family, they tend to take you to places they enjoy with the assumption that you will enjoy it too. That's about it.

End of Rant. :):(:):(